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Beaver Beginner Lite is built from GeneratePress, an excellent free theme. And the free version of Beaver Builder.

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This website uses a free theme and free plugins

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I chose GeneratePress theme because the basic theme is available for free and you can upgrade any time if you ever need more power.

GeneratePress is by far the best free theme I know of.

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The reason for this site is to help you get started using the free version of Beaver Builder.

Once you've tried it for yourself, you'll love it. It's great!

Get started for free!

On this website I use a free theme and free plugins.

The reason for this is simple. I want you to be able to watch my videos and then follow along and build your own test pages discovering first hand just how good these tools really are.

Should you upgrade to the paid version of Beaver Builder?

Not necessarily. If you Keep It Simple, you can build great looking web pages with the free version of beaver Builder. But obviously the premium version is much more powerful and it has the added benefit of built in templates.

Templates save you time and make your life as a site owner or web developer much easier.

What about The GeneratePress upgrade?

The premium version of the GeneratePress theme offers so many useful features for such a small price that I would definitely consider buying it if you can.

However, if you really can’t afford, or choose not to buy either upgrade, you can still build great looking, solid and reliable websites by following along with my tutorials.

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