About BeaverBeginner Lite

Hello, my name’s Philip and I’d like to tell you a little bit about this website.

Web design is changing in a big way

I’ve been building websites for over twenty years and I still learn something new every day. And whatever people tell you, web design done right is hard work and complicated.

However, once in a while in any industry there’s a quantum leap. And I believe that, with the advent of tools like GeneratePress and Beaver Builder, now is that time in the web design industry.

This website uses the free versions of…

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What’s changed?

Web servers, caching technology and the web design tools themselves have all become powerful enough, fast enough and stable enough to make WYSIWYG web design software not just a viable option but the right option for many websites. GeneratePress and Beaver Builder are especially suitable for small local-businesses websites.

Why I built this website

I built this website to show my fellow web designers, and all competent WordPress users, how easy it is to build your own web page layouts using Beaver builder.

The combination of GeneratePress and Beaver Builder has, quite frankly, knocked my socks off! And believe me, when I started this journey I was probably even more skeptical than you are right now.

Will you grant me a little bit of your time so that I can convince you?

I believe that if you give me a little bit of your time I can convince you that WYSIWYG web design software is not only here to stay, it’s the right choice for many budget conscious small business websites.

No code needed

To make the most of Beaver Builder you will need a good basic understanding of WordPress. But you don’t need any coding experience.

If you have a basic understanding of CSS and HTML you can make small extra tweaks to the styling of your site, but you’ll be amazed at what you can do without any code at all.

On this website I’m using the free software, so you can start right now to follow along at no extra cost. However, if you want more power and more options, you can check out the pro versions of GeneratePress and beaver Builder here…

Generate Press Beaver Builder

What do the real experts think of Beaver Builder?

Chris Lema
“I recommend Beaver Builder because it comes with tons of features but keeps the code lean and performance fast.”
Pippin Williamson
“I am really, really happy to say that a few builders here have won over my complete support. Those include Tailor, Pootle Page Builder, and Beaver Builder. Those three are easily my favorites that I would happily recommend to any of my customers.”
Eric Hamm
“Now, just to answer the inevitable question that will most certainly come our way, let me mention our favorite Page Builder Plugin to date. It’s called Beaver Builder and we’ve recently started using it for various Dynamik web design projects and have found the overall results to be excellent!”
Carrie Dils
“After spending some time getting to know the plugin and working with it, I’m loving both the ease of use and the ability to extend it for custom scenarios. While a page builder plugin clearly serves the needs of a beginner-level audience, I think there’s a lot that developers can do with Beaver Builder that differentiates it (in a good way) from other drag and drop solutions.”

This website is independently owned by an affiliate marketer of Beaver Builder and GeneratePress. It is not sponsored by Beaver Builder, GeneratePress, WordPress, or Automattic Inc.